A Norwegian investment fund with focus on sustainable ocean industries

The investment fund Novela Kapital I was established in 2019. Its investment focus is on profitable growth companies within sustainable ocean industries.

The fund is managed by Converto and in cooperation with the Novela-network develop companies for our shareholders, employees, customers and society.


Initiator and manager of the investment company Novela

Novela is an Ålesund-based investment company owned by regional entrepreneurs who collectively represent wide-ranging know-how, a unique pool of experience and an extensive personal network. The company focuses on the Norwegian Northwest and is an active investor that works closely with each individual company to generate growth and realize its inherent value.

Converto took the initiative to establish Novela in 2015, and is responsible for the investment company’s capital management and day-to-day operations. Converto’s staff work with each Novela investment in dedicated teams.

Since its establishment, Novela has made four investments in SPV structures. Two of these companies have subsequently merged. As a result, Novela currently has three active portfolio companies.


Manager of Midvest Fondene since late 2016.

Since November 2016, Converto has acted as manager for Midvest Fondene; two investment funds with a portfolio of investments in small and medium-sized enterprises in Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal. The funds, whose registered business address is in Namsos, had an initial capital base of NOK 254 million. Midvest Fondene are approaching the end of their lifespan and are currently in a realisation phase. Converto is working actively to optimise the value of the funds’ portfolio companies before their sale. Midvest Fondene is part of a listed and approved seed financing scheme for investment funds, which is administered through Innovation Norway.